We are constantly told to stay active and get in our 60 minutes of exercise a day—but what people don’t like to talk about is how important it is to take a rest day and treat your body and mind to the luxury of laziness.

For every person, these ideas of what an ideal “rest day” may look like are completely different.

If you were to ask my boyfriend what he would do on a glorious day away from any strain on his body—he would pick up his guitar and sing along to his favorite band for hours on end until his fingertips fall off. My dearest mother on the other hand, would take a 50-mile bike ride and then pace around her living room to ensure sure she gets all of her steps in for the day. So whatever your idea of a break may look like, make sure that you take one once a week. Soak in the feeling of relaxation, in order to give your body what it is truly craving—it will thank you.

For athletes and other workout guru’s alike, missing a day of your workout routine can sometimes feel as if you didn’t live up to your expectations. Even for those running around to make sure that their kids are fed and not terrorizing the family dog—this proactive and persistent nature is what sets people apart from those who take 7 rest days a week. Through all of this hard work, we owe it to ourselves to live out some leisurely activities in order to recharge our batteries & optimize our body’s potential.

Ways to Take a Load Off

– For all the ladies out there, take your little piggy’s to a pedicure appointment. Give your feet the love and attention they need while catching up with a friend or a book that’s been patiently waiting for you. For you gentleman, no one’s judging if your piggy’s are squealing to go to the salon as well, skip the polish and revamp those tired feet. 

– The warmer weather is approaching and it makes sense to get outside and take a stroll before dinner. I’m sure that some of you have a four legged friend that would like to mark a light pole or two—so get on out there and watch the sun go down before slaving over the stove (or microwave for the less experienced chefs out there).

– They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but as I have gotten older, I have slowly realized that mine is actually a foam roller. Foam roll it out, or hop into a sauna or Epsom salt bath to relax and rejuvenate those sore limbs.

Like I said, to each their own—but making sure to take a little time for yourself is never a bad thing. Don’t tell your coaches that you missed the last workout in order to take a bubble bath—just keep it to yourself and you will be raring and ready to go the next workout.

Written By: Hayley Sutherland

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