Sunday, June 17 – Rest Day

Mobility of the Week – All members are highly encouraged to attend weekly [free] Mobility class and/or perform this on your own at least 1x/wk. You can also break this workload up over the course of a few days.

Self Assessment –

Smash/Roll –

Bands/Stretches –

Re-assess –

Monday, June 18

Strength: Push Press

WOD:  13 Minute AMRAP

Tuesday, June 19

Strength:  10 Minute EMOM

Minute 1:

Minute 2:

WOD: For Time

*18 minute time cap. Modify double unders with 100 single skips today.

Strength – 6:45PM

Wednesday, June 20

WOD: 32 Minute MOMO

*Scale for rope climbs will be max standing rope ascent/descents. There will be 4 scores today; total calories, total rope climbs, total DB hang clean, total sit-ups.

Mobility: 10 Minutes [coach led]

Thursday, June 21

Strength: Hang Snatch

WOD: 6 Rounds For Time

*18 minute time cap.

Strength – 6:45PM

Friday, June 22

Strength: Front Squat

WOD: 21-15-9 for Time

“Elizabeth” [compare to 1/14/16]

*12 minute time cap.

Saturday, June 23

WOD: 3 Rounds for Time

“Eva” [modified]

*35 minute time cap.

Sunday, June 24Rest Day

Bootcamp + Bloody’s + Brunch event at CrossFit Prior Lake & Charlie’s on Prior today! Registration deadline is Wednesday, June 20 and we’re almost sold out! TO REGISTER

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