Achieve your goals with our fun, powerful CrossFit classes

Bootcamp and Crossfit...what's the diff?

Type of Classes


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Achieve your goals with our fun, powerful CrossFit classes

CrossFit ClassA picture of one of our CrossFit family members training.

Our true bread and butter! During this hour-long group fitness class, your coach will take you through a group warm-up, strength and/or skill work, as well as the workout of the day. You can rest easy knowing that if you are consistently attending general CrossFit classes you will look better, feel better, and have fun. The constantly varied programming is designed so that you will never get bored, and more importantly, never hit any plateaus. Fun, effective fitness! Our CrossFit classes require completion of our Fundamentals course or prior CrossFit experience.  

CrossFit Bootcamp

CrossFit Bootcamp does not require any prior CrossFit experience. These exercise classes are roughly 45-50 minutes in length and are accommodating to those who have a great fitness level as well as just getting started. No barbells or complex movements are used in these classes, but rather use a variety of bodyweight movements, kettlebells, rowers, jump ropes, etc. They are great workouts that are sure to get your heart rate up. In fact, Bootcamp classes are our stepping stone to moving into general CrossFit classes. New CrossFitters are required to attend 3-4 weeks of Bootcamp prior to participating in general CrossFit classes.

A picture of one of our CrossFit family members training.

Open Gym

An hour block of time where members are able to come in and work on their fitness as they feel is necessary. There is no coach or scheduled exercise classes. Note: Open Gym classes during the week count as a session off of members’ monthly memberships. However, Saturday Open Gym is free to all members. *All participants in open gym must be respectful of the general classes going on. Keep noise to a minimum if the coach is giving instruction and all equipment is offered to the general class if necessary. *While we have an extensive amount of Open Gym times, that does not mean that there is Open Gym during every class. There are a few times where we have multiple classes at once, or very large average class sizes (Saturdays) where Open Gym is not allowed. Please take a look at the schedule before planning to attend OG.